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Crimson Clover...over and over♫♪♫....

I guess I am dating myself, but it's what comes to mind when I walk in our cover crop on the farm. The gardens are on the highest point of the farm (where the house place is) and the ground is a lot of clay. Last fall we dumped a truck full of black gold compost from our local composting company. That only covered part of the gardens. The rest we planted in cover crop to grow for weed control, soil nutrition, and pollinators early in the spring. This week it is at it's peak blooming and it's just beautiful. That's when we cut it and plow it into the ground. Call it green manure. (The practice of green manuring includes growing, mulching by plowing, and mixing of green crops with soil to improve the physical structure and soil fertility).

So today we say good bye to it's beauty and see what beauty it will back to us.

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